Dance Works - Modern & Ballet

Pre-Classic Suite (A. Sokolow) - premiere October 28, 1933, Grand St. Playhouse, N.Y.C.

Salutation to the Morning (A. Sokolow) (1933)

Into The Streets (A. Sokolow) (1933)

Song of Affirmation (A. Sokolow) (1934)

Speaker (A. Sokolow) (1935) - premiere December 22, 1935, Adelphi Theatre, N.Y.C.

Inquisition (A. Sokolow) (1936)

Ballad in A Popular Style (A. Sokolow) (1936) - premiere April 5, 1936, Theresa L. Kaufmann Auditorium YMHA, N.Y.C.

War-Monger (A. Sokolow) (1937) - premiere January 11, 1937, Detroit Art Institute, Detroit, MI

War Poem/War is Beautiful (A. Sokolow) (1937) - premiere February 28, 1937, Bennington College, VT

Excerpts from A War Poem (A. Sokolow) (1937) - premiere August 12, 1937, Palmer Auditorium, Bennington, VT

Slaughter of the Innocents (Madrid 1937) ( A. Sokolow) (1937) - premiere November 14, 1937, Guild Theatre, N.Y.C.

Opening Dance (A. Sokolow) (1937)

Facade - Espozione Italiana (A. Sokolow) (1937) - premiere Bennington Festival, Bennington, VT

American Lyric ( Martha Graham ) (1937) - premiere December 13, 1937, Guild Theatre, N.Y.C.

The Exile (A. Sokolow) (1939) - Palestinian folk music, Alex North, arranger - premiere February 26, 1939, Alvia Theatre, N.Y.C.

Figure of Bewilderment (choreographer credit unknown) ( 1939 ) - premiere December 12, 1939, Columbia University, N.Y.C.

Lupe (Esther Junger) (1940) - premiere October 26, 1940, Maxine Elliott Theatre, N.Y.C.

Golden Fleece (Hanya Holm) (1941) - premiere March 17, 1941, Mansfield Theatre, Mansfield, CT

Rhapsody USA -- Square Dance in Jazz (E. Junger) (1941)

Primitive Rituals, 3 (E. Junger) (1941)

Design for Five (1941)

Prelude; Will-o-Wisp; Trineke (Martha Kruger, Atty Von en Berg) (1942) - premiere January 26, 1942, Barbizon Plaza Hall, N.Y.C.

Country Dance (M. Kruger) (1941)

Clay Ritual (Truda Kaschmann) (1942) - premiere May 1942, Avery Memorial, Hartford, CT

Revelations (A. Sokolow) (1943)

Intersection (1947)

Ballad in A Popular Style # 2 (A. Sokolow) (1948)

Songs of a Semite (A. Sokolow) (no date)

A Streetcar Named Desire (Valerie Bettis for Mia Slavenska, Frederic Franklin Co.) - premiere October 9, 1942, Montreal, Canada

Wall St. Ballet (James Starbuck) (1953) - live TV ballet for Your Show of Shows 1953

Daddy Long Legs Dream Ballet (Roland Petit for Leslie Caron) (1955) - for film Daddy Long Legs 1955

Le Mal de Siècle (Souvenirs of Another Generation) ( Rosella Hightower, James Starbuck, for Marquis De Cuevas Co., Monte-Carlo, France) - world premiere July 3, 1958, Brussels World's Fair, Alex North conducting

Overture to Dance

Case History

Black Panther


Opening Dance

Little Dance Preludes

Humpty Dumpty

Bar Room Ballads


Go Down Death

Bourbon's got Blues

Streetcar named Desire (Ballet Theatre, Dance Theatre of Harlem)

Concert Works

Woodwind Trio for flute, clarinet, bassoon (1936)

Quest, symphonic suite for chamber orchestra (1937)

String Quartet (1939)

Concerto for piano and orchestra with trumpet obbligato (1939 - 1957)

Four Piano Preludes (1940)

Suite for piano and orchestra, two movements arranged for two pianos (1940)

Rhapsody for piano and orchestra (1941) - world premiere November 11, 1941, N.Y.C.

Cross Examine the Witness - Jazz (1941)

Woodwind Quintet (1942)

Holiday Set, for chamber orchestra (1945)

Morning Star, cantata for narrator, chorus and orchestra (1946) - Robert Montgomery; Lyn Murray Singers, October 28, 1946, N.Y.C.

Revue for clarinet and orchestra (1947) - Benny Goodman; Leonard Bernstein, City Symphony of NY, November 18, 1946, N.Y.C.

Negro Mother Cantata, for chorus and orchestra - Langston Hughes, text. (1947) May 18, 1947, N.Y.C.

Twelve Dance Preludes, seven performed by Joan Slessinger, Sept. 21 1947, Town Hall, NY

Symphony # 1 (1947)

3 Pieces for chamber orchestra (1950) - NY Chamber Orchestra, Hershey Kay, conductor. January 23, 1950, N.Y.C.

Symphonic suite from A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

Symphonic suite from Death of a Salesman (1951) - arranged for the Philadelphia Orchestra

Symphonic suite from Viva Zapata! (1952)

Children's Works for Narrator and Symphony Orchestra

The Hither and Dither of Danny Dither, musical comedy, book Jeremy Gary, Sokolow, choreography, June 4, 1943, the Avery, Hartford, CT

Waltzing Elephant (1945)

Little Indian Drum, October 18, 1947, Town Hall, NY

Yank (1943)

Christopher Columbus (1943)

The City Sings for Michael

Theatre (Partial)

Mother ( Brecht - Gorky) music -- Hanns Eisler, Jerome Moross, Alex North , with Moross, North, duo pianos, Nov 19. 1935, Civic RepertoryTheatre, NY

Dog Beneath The Skin ( Auden ), 1936, unproduced

Death Of A Salesman ( Miller ), Kazan, director, Feb. 10, 1949, Morosco Theater, NY

The Innocents ( Archibald -- James ), Peter Grenville, director, Feb. 1 1950, The Playhouse, NY

Coriolanus ( Shakespeare ), John Houseman, director, Jan. 19, 1954, Phoenix Theater, NY

Richard III ( Shakespeare ), Margaret Webster, director,Dec. 9, 1953, City Center, NY

The American Clock

Musical Theatre Works

Sing for Your Supper, Federal Theater Project, ( 1938-39 )

Tis Of Thee ( musical ), Oct 26, 1940, Maxine Elliott Theatre, NY

You Can't Sleep Here, musical revue, with songs by North and others, April 26, 1941, Barbizon-Plaza Concert Hall, NY

Of V We Sing , concert revue, songs by North and others, Feb. 11, 1942, Malin Studios, NY

O' Daniel, play with music, Feb. 23, 1947, Princess Theatre, NY

The Great Campaign, musical play, Sokolow, choreographer, Mar. 20, 1947, Princess Theatre, NY

Queen of Sheba ( 1950 ), musical, Molly Thatcher Kazan, book, unproduced

Choral Works

Ballad of Valley Forge , with Alfred Kreymborg, for soloist, chorus, orchestra, 1942

There's A Nation, chorus, Kreymborg, 1942; Rhapsody, U.S.A., chorus, 1942


"Unchained Melody" (1954), Hy Zaret, words

"To My Son" (1936), with George Sklar

"Down in the Clover" (1941)

"Elegy" (1946)

"I Belong to You" (1955), Jack Brooks, Peggy Lee, vocal, from the film, The Racers

"Vino, Vino" (1955), Hal David, from the film, The Rose Tattoo

"I'll Cry Tomorrow" (1956), Johnny Mercer, from film of the same name, unused, later released on record

"Handful of Dreams" (1958), Paul Francis Webster

"The Long Hot Summer" (1958), Sammy Cahn, from the film

"Hey Eula" (1959), Sammy Cahn

"The One Love" (1960), with Sammy Cahn

"Out of Time, Out of Space" (1960), Johnny Mercer

"Restless Love" (161), with Harold Adamson

"World of Love" (1963)

"The Nile" (1963), Johnny Mercer

"Who's Afraid of Love" (no date, lyricist)


Guggenheim Fellowship
1947, 1948

Laurel Awards
1956, 1957, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1971

Composers and Lyricists Guild Award
“Cleopatra” 1963

Western Heritage Wrangler Award
“Bite the Bullet” 1975-76

Honorary Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
Awarded in recognition of his brilliant artistry in the creation of memorable music for a host of distinguished pictures. March 19, 1985

Golden Soundtrack Award from The American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers Golden Soundtrack Award
For Lifetime achievement on Film and Television Music by the American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers. April 16, 1986

The Society for the Preservation of Film Music Award
In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the art of film music. June 10, 1986

Golden Score Award from The American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers
In recognition of continued excellence and achievement of the highest standard in the arts of composing, arranging and orchestration. June 16, 1986

Los Angeles City Council Award
Acknowledges musical genius of Alex North for creative contributions as a composer which gives listening pleasure to a world-wide audience. June 13, 1986

List compiled by Michael McDonagh